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Amazon Technologies Inc.


United States



United States (US)

Speedtest statistics of United States


37.74 mbps


6.90 mbps

above figures are in average

Latest Speedtest

# Country Provider Latency Download Upload Time Action
1 India Bharti Airtel Limited 69 ms 262.14 mbps 74.48 mbps Result
2 India Bharti Airtel Limited 75 ms 26.38 mbps 69.48 mbps Result
3 India RailTel Corporation of India Ltd 46 ms 120.40 mbps 27.12 mbps Result
4 India RailTel Corporation of India Ltd 52 ms 158.89 mbps 27.94 mbps Result
5 India RailTel Corporation of India Ltd 47 ms 55.46 mbps 27.76 mbps Result
6 India RailTel Corporation of India Ltd 55 ms 89.37 mbps 26.53 mbps Result
7 India RailTel Corporation of India Ltd 93 ms 0.88 mbps 26.84 mbps Result
8 Philippines Globe Telecom (GMCR,INC) 180 ms 10.32 mbps 4.44 mbps Result
9 India Global Ra Net Services Pvt. Ltd. 88 ms 20.62 mbps 55.34 mbps Result
10 India Sri Madheswara Agencies 89 ms 229.76 mbps 25.67 mbps Result

Take SpeedTest is freshly developed adsl internet speed test tool using latest cutting edge html5 technologies.

Take SpeedTest measures your adsl internet speed by download small pieces of data from servers in large amount in until enough amount of data become available for measurement. We take 100+ samples and select only few sample which are loaded with 100% capacity of your adsl internet connection speed. We have developed this algorithm with latest html5 technology and chrome v8 engine on backend. We have also enabled high speed https on our backend so that each internet speed test run smoothly and can give you accurate results for your adsl internet speed test.

Take adsl internet speed test performs speed test better than old flash technology. We give you the assurance of accuracy of speed test result because its realtime tested with your adsl internet connection. Our speed test tool can check connection speed of any broadband or 3G, 4G provider in world.